Impossible Impossible


HIV Heroes
We raised awareness for the increasing numbers of HIV cases – by printing the first magazine with the blood from HIV+ people.
Nothing is impossible.



Life’s for Sharing
We made the T-Mobile strategy „Lifes for Sharing“ come to life – by initiating the first flashmob as a commercial.
Nothing is impossible.



Historical Jersey Exchange
We encouraged football fans all over the world to unite and not to divide – by inventing the most historical jersey exchange in football.
Nothing is impossible.



Deutsche Telekom
Sea Hero Quest
We collected more data for the dementia research than IN 100 years of previous research – simply by letting people play a game.
Nothing is impossible.



Blood Relations
We made Palestinians and Israelites set an example for peace in the Middle East conflict – by spending their blood for each other.
Nothing is impossible.



Solid Fuel
Furry Friends
We relighted million fires – by making a mouse fall in love with a cat, that fell in love with a dog.
Nothing is impossible.



Toyota LandCruiser
Emergency Network
We enabled mobile phone coverage all over the Australian outback – by turning thousands of cars into mobile signal relay towers.
Nothing is impossible.



Toyota Tundra
Space Shuttle
We made Americans fall in love with a Japanese car – by letting it pull the most powerful American vehicle.
Nothing is impossible.